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Make sure to read on if you are interested about renting a stroller from an Orlando Stroller Company!

We are here to help you learn about everything you need to know about bringing strollers into Disney World!

When staying at a Walt Disney World Resort, you may consider renting a stroller from a company in the Orlando area.

When you rent a stroller at a Walt Disney World Park, you are not able to bring it back to your hotel with you. When park hopping, you also must have to start over with a new stroller at the new park.

When you decide to rent a stroller with an outside company, there are many benefits!

  • If flying or driving, you’ll save luggage space by picking up the stroller in Orlando. Many of the stroller companies will also deliver the stroller to your resort for free.
  • You also have more options. Unlike a stroller at Disney World, there are many different kinds and sizes of strollers to choose from. It will make it a little more unique in a sea of Disney strollers.
  • You’ll have the stroller with you 24/7! No more waking a child that rode a little too many rides to hope over to another park or head back to you room!
  • With a rented stroller, it’s yours for the entire trip, to bring wherever you please! This includes if you decide to visit off-property.

With so many different stroller companies to choose from, it can be overwhelming. We’ll break them all down for you and give you the facts!




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  1. I found orlando strollers to be kind of busy and rushed– I liked the feel at “DiscountStrollerRentals.Com” a lot more–and I had great success/a very good experience with them– Plus, their pricing was better too !

  2. Disney Strollers are hard plastic and don’t recline. They are very uncomfortable. We rented car seats and a stroller from P&K Family Rentals. A Very Family Friendly company and so nice to work with. Plus they rent Valco Strollers, which are top of the line. Saved us money on the trip. I Definately recommend them!

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