WDW with Preschoolers – Part 1

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To Stroller or Not to Stroller…

Okay, so, you’re headed to WDW to celebrate your child’s birthday – let’s say it’s the big number “5.” YAY! How marvelous! However, that means traveling and visiting parks with an ever mercurial, potentially cranky preschooler….not so yay.

Don’t get me wrong. Visiting WDW with your child(ren) is a truly magical, wonderful experience, but, we all know that we have to be practical. It is never easy traveling and/or visiting anywhere with a 3-5 year old. And, trust me, the potential for a cranky preschooler after walking 5+ miles a day through the parks and resorts at WDW is more than just potential – IT IS CERTAINTY!

This was the reality I faced when we recently visited WDW. Now let me preface all this by saying that we did it all wrong when we “planned” this vacation. It had been quite a while since either myself or my husband had been to WDW. Let’s just say, in my case, Epcot didn’t even exist yet (hanging my head in shame).

So, we had no reference at all for traveling to WDW with kids. I read the books, I looked at the forums and the blogs, but really, you have to plan 6 months to a year in advance!? Poo-shaw I said! HA HA HA!! The joke was on me!

Now, originally we were going to plan our visit 6 months out. Then life and family illnesses and uncertainty creeped in and before I knew it we were about a month and a half away from our girl’s big 5 birthday.

Well the planning and the reservation making started happening in a fast and furious fashion – to say the least. I had an ambitious 6 day/5 night plan. I made ADRs everywhere – at our resort, in Downtown Disney, at other resorts, at Epcot – it all made sense…on paper.

I figured we were staying on property, had transportation at our beck and call, how hard could it be to get around WDW, hop from park to park and go from resort to resort? Oh, how naïve I was!


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