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Contact A Baby’s Best Friend at www.abbf.com or  toll free at 1-888-461-2229.

Offers items besides strollers as well, including cribs, toddler beds, high chairs, exersaucers, pool toys, microwaves, swings, security gates, rocking chairs and more.

Stroller options include:
Single Stroller
Double Stroller – side by side
Double Stroller – front/back
Sit and Stand Stroller
Jogging Stroller
Double Stroller City Mini (newest addition)
Deluxe Double Jogging Stroller
Stroller Lock (new)
Little Red Wagon

A Baby's Best Friend Single Stroller

A Baby's Best Friend Double Stroller


A Baby's Best Friend Double Stroller (Back to Back)

A Baby's Best Friend Single Jogging Stroller

A Baby's Best Friend Double Jogging Stroller


A Baby's Best Friend Double City Mini Stroller

A Baby's Best Friend Sit & Stand


Most of their strollers seem like the standard full size type that one would have at home. Most rental sites seem to offer the City Mini style. If you prefer a more traditional stroller this would be the site for you.

Rates range from $45 for 1 to 3 nights and $55 for 5 to 7 nights, $5 a night for each additional after that.

Exception is the City Mini which rents for $70 for 1 to 3 nights and $90 for 5 to 7 nights, then $12 each additional night after that.

(Keep in mind they require a $60 minimum reservation!)

Free delivery and retrieval from your Disney Resort; stroller will be available upon arrival at your resort. Due to free delivery a $60.00 minimum reservation is required.

Payment/Cancellation Policies:
No charge to your credit card until 10 days prior to arrival. They recommend reserving your stroller at roughly the same time you reserve your lodging. You need to cancel at least 10 days prior to arrival in order to avoid full charge for the equipment reserved.

May order securely online at https://www.abbf.com/order.php or call toll free 1-888-461-2229. You will receive and e-mail confirmation of your order either way. You cannot use Firefox or Safari internet browsers to order.

Items of Note:
They claim to be the only equipment rental service that steam cleans their equipment between uses.

They do not put your name on a placard on the stroller. They feel this is unsafe. There are other identifiers that label it as A Baby’s Best Friend stroller. They suggest decorating your stroller with balloons, ribbons, or other items to distinguish it from other strollers.


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