WDW with Preschoolers – Part 2

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To Stroller or Not to Stroller…

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Well those 45 days quickly dwindled and dwindled and I still struggled with the stroller issue.

See, like most parents of preschoolers – I’d say, in particular, like parents of an only child of preschool age – I hadn’t consistently used a stroller in about 2 years, and not at all in the last year. I kept thinking, “Oh, she’s a big girl. We walk everywhere now. Would we really need it?”

Plus, I hate to say it, but we thought we were too “cool” to have to worry about a stroller. I mean, a stroller, for my almost 5 year old, seriously!!?? Poo-shaw! I sort of ranked that up there with being potty trained, losing the binky and not carrying a diaper bag any more.  We are parents of a big girl now! I was feeling stubborn and proud and I was stamping my feet – “NO! I don’t wanna push a stroller!!”

But, as much as my gut (and my pride) was saying NO, all the research was saying YES! YES! YES!  Unequivocally – YES!!

Now we were probably about two weeks away from departure. Okay, I’m finally convinced that, yes, indeed we would need a stroller – at least part of the time. The next question was to rent or to bring one with us.


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