WDW with Preschoolers – Part 3

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To Stroller or Not to Stroller…

Read Part One and Part Two first!

Bringing one with us presented some challenges.  The only stroller we own is our big old Graco one that we’ve had since she was an infant. Works great, she can still fit in it, but we had no desire to lug it to the airport, figure out how to check it and potentially pay to check it and then have to lug it around once we were there.

An umbrella stroller was not really an option for us. Our girl is big for her age. She was only just turning 5, but looks more like a 7 year old. She’s about 46.5″ tall and 49.5 lbs. That is pushing the limit on most cheap umbrella strollers.

We could’ve potentially purchased a more heavy duty umbrella stroller and taken it with us. But then I kept thinking I’ll have this stroller I won’t use once we get back home and, frankly, we do not have the space for more stuff. (After the fact we were given an interesting suggestion to solve that problem – donate it to charity! DUH!! Wish I would’ve thought of that sooner!! But I digress…)

Okay – so bringing one with was not attractive to us and a no go.  On to the rental options…

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