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If you’re headed to Disney World with a child, you’re going to need a stroller. So is every other family that is visiting the Disney Parks, so how do you make your stroller stand out in a sea of strollers?

Many times when you come out of a ride or show at Disney World, your stroller will not be in the same place. Cast Members will adjust all of the strollers and move them around, so it’s a good idea to decorate your stroller.

Below are some ideas on how to make your stroller stand out!


Sea of Strollers


There are several fun ways to decorate your stroller at Disney World!

  • Buy a balloon! You know those giant Mickey Mouse shaped balloons or the ones with Mickey or Minnie on it? Tie it to your stroller bar handles! Not only will your child like playing with the balloon as you travel through the park, it will make it easy to spot your stroller when you come out of an attraction. Sure, there will be other families doing the same thing, but it will be much easier to spot your stroller!

Balloon on Stroller

  • Wrap your handle bar with ribbon or a scarf! You can bring bright colored ribbon or a scarf from home and wrap around the handle bar! This is a sure way to make sure it’s your stroller and have it stand out among others!
  • Buy stickers and let your child decorate the canopy! It’s also something to keep them busy while in line!
  • Print out a stroller sign! Personalize it with your family name, that way you can easily recognize it!

Name Plate for Stroller



How do you like to decorate your stroller at Disney World so it stands out?

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