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Contact them at http://www.pkfamilyrentals.net/ or at 407-385-6225.


P&K Rentals is the only stroller rental company in Orlando that offers rentals for the Valco Baby Zee and Zee TWO Strollers.They have available wheelchairs, infant and convertible car seats, cribs, high chairs and monitors.

Valco Baby Zee Single Stroller

Valco Baby Zee TWO Stroller

Rates range from $40 for 1-3 nights to $60 for 4-7 nights to $80 for 8-12 nights for the Valco Baby Zee Single Stroller.
$60 to $100 for the Valco Baby Zee TWO Stroller

Rental insurance is available.

Optional rain covers are FREE with strollers.

Free delivery to all Disney Resorts, vacation homes and hotels.

Payment/Cancellation Policies:
Fees are charged at the time your order is placed. 100% of the money collected from the reservation will be refunded up to 48 hours prior to the first rental day; otherwise the refund will be the total amount collected minus $40.

Items of Note:

Strollers and Carseats are thoroughly cleaned before each use.



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