Wordless Wednesday: Comfy or Not?


Comfy or not?



  1. I am not sure, but I remember from John and Kate + 8 that she said she loved them. I hope to give them a try some day!

  2. You know … it’s all relative! Our first couple of trips we tried these out on our “long days” – usually to cover all the walking in EPCOT. Waaaay better than nothing! We enjoyed having the last minute option, when our 4 year old was really tired.

    The last trip we brought our own (we fly to WDW) cause we brought a 1 year old, and I think that was my preference.

  3. If your exhausted from being in the parks all day anything is comfy. :)

  4. My kids don’t hate them and they’re pretty easy to maneuver. I’m betting they’re a breeze to clean up too.

  5. My kids would’ve loved it in WDW, surrounded by the magic!!!

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