Disney Strollers at Walmart

There’s nothing more fun that pushing your little one around in a Disney stroller, especially while at Disney World!

If you have a Walmart near you {who doesn’t?}, then head over to see the latest Disney strollers they have to offer!

There are a few different options of Disney strollers available. There is a rounder of strollers in the Baby department and also strollers in the stroller aisle.


Disney Strollers


For only $15, you’ll be able to purchase a variety of strollers like a Toy Story stroller, Monsters Inc. stroller or even a Disney Princess stroller!


For $19.99, there are 2 different strollers to choose from that are based on Minnie Mouse and 101 Dalmations.

101 Dalmatians Stroller


Minnie Mouse Stroller


These adorable Disney umbrella strollers are $19.99 at Walmart. I absolutely love the canopy that features dog ears on the 101 Dalmatians stroller and the Minnie Mouse ears and bow on the Minnie Stroller!

Have you seen these strollers at Walmart? Would you buy these for your next trip to Disney?



  1. Ashley Peebles |

    I really love this Minnie mouse stroller but cant find it anywhere. I even looked online. Do you know where I could find it, my daughter loves Minnie Mouse.

  2. I just picked it up from Walmart. I had to order it online. It’s so adorable my daughter loved it.

  3. I have looked online at walmart.com and it says my walmart (tuscaloosa AL) doesnt have it online would be in stores?? The Mickey one is online but i need Minnie..

  4. there’s one on ebay

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