5 Tips to Prevent Stroller Theft at Walt Disney World

No one wants to think it might happen, but with all of the nice strollers zooming around Walt Disney World you want to make sure your stroller won’t be taken! Here are some of our tips on how to hopefully prevent it!


  • Create a “Stroller Tag” with your family name on it. Laminate it and then attach to your stroller using heavy duty zip ties. Another option is to create a decal that will iron on to your stroller somehow. No one wants to push around a stroller with another family’s name on it!


Name Plate for Stroller




BuggyGuard Retractable Stroller Lock


  • Don’t leave bags of merchandise on your strollers! Some people may think that piling the stroller with bags will prevent someone from taking them, but it can be the opposite! Don’t leave anything valuable or eye catching on your stroller.

Don't leave valuables on your stroller!



  • Decorate your stroller! We mentioned about making sure there is a stroller tag with your family name, but decorate your stroller even more! Add balloons and really wrap the string around the handle. I’ve even seen people put rope lights around the wheels! Talk about unique! Check out our post on how to decorate your stroller to stand out!


Tie a balloon to your stroller!


  • The strangest thing I have heard to deter stroller thieves is to pour a soda into a diaper, put it into a grocery bag and hang it from your stroller handle so it resembles…well, you know!


If you have rented a stroller from Disney World and find that it has been taken, head to where you rented the stroller to report it. They have a limited number of replacement strollers available. If your non-Disney stroller has been taken, you can still try reporting it to Lost and Found in the Disney Parks. It may have been that the stroller wasn’t taken, but a Cast Member moved it around.

What are some of your tips on preventing your stroller from being taken at Walt Disney World?


  1. Cassie Turner |

    This is the first i have ever heard about a buggy lock and i never even thought to mark ours with a patch. You’d think that would be a hot item sold in any stroller department at the big box stores. Never seen either. Our stroller was stolen today at stroller parking by Wedway People mover. A turquoise Chicco umbrella stroller i purchased a month ago in DC (after our car was broken into 45 minutes after arriving in capitol) . Certainly not top of the line, but with a two-year-old that still naps 3-4 hours aday, the seat reclines to a comfortable enough position that she will go to sleep for at least a few hours. Here’s the thing, I am a local. We moved to Orlando because my father took a job years ago with Disney publicity. In high school I worked at Disney. As iI got older and we no longer worked there, we bought annual and seasonal passes etc. Not once in all of the DOZENS of times I have gone have I had a theft issue until today. Our stroller and rain gear (boots, rain coats, big red golf umbrella…forecast said rain all day and i came prepared…shame on me!) and the diaper bag was left for seven minutes while my spouse took our daughter on the ride. It was the first ride of the day and literally ruined the day. We wouldn’t leave anything of great value, but all the items add up to a couple hundred dollars. We filed reports with security immediately and eventually filed with Orange County, though I am doughtful anything will come of it. Lesson learned. People are just crappy.

  2. Just FYI. If Disney employee sees your lock as you walk in at bag check they will take it from you. No locks allowed at all

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