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The decision has been made, the initial reservations have been set – you’re going to Walt Disney World!! And then all the little details start to swim in your mind…

ADRs, clothes to buy, supplies to get, pets to board…and then there’s all those needs that come into play when you have children. Not the least of which is deciding whether or not you’ll need a stroller.

And just with that one decision you open yourself up to even more things to consider…age/size and number of children, if you want to rent a stroller when you get to Florida, or if you want use your own. If you use your own do you bring it with you on the plane? Or do you ship it? If you do bring your own, what kind do you bring – umbrella, standard or jogging?

Ah, yes, it can be mind boggling – and this is just about a stroller!

Well, we’ve designed this site to make the searching and the decision making a little less stressful.
We’ve compiled some basic information on several of the top stroller rental companies in Orlando, as well as info about rental within the WDW parks. This should help in making some basic comparisons and get you off on the right foot.

Also, we’ve gathered some information and suggestions on which types of strollers are best for use on your vacation, in case you decide to bring your own. And, we take a look at some of the most popular Disney branded strollers as well.

Enjoy your visit, and we hope this site helps to make your whole experience a little bit more magical!!

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